About Us

We are a passionate Eye Care company dedicated to bringing happier healthier looking eyes to everyone we meet. We use our eyes a lot, it only makes sense that we look after them.

Our Mission

To pioneer eye-care solutions which help people combat harmful-light, eye-fatigue and eye-strain.

Our Story

Every great innovation starts with a great problem. Before our inception, we noticed that we were spending many hours day and night in front of a screen. Be it mostly our computers, smartphones or tablets. We wondered why we always felt sleep deprived and why our eyes always looked and felt tired.

The insight?... The light, namely Blue-Light from the screens seemed to be affecting our body’s sleep/wake cycle, impacting proper sleep as well as causing eye strain and eye fatigue related conditions. Since we all constantly used screens for work and entertainment, drastically reducing our screen time wasn’t a realistic solution. Furthermore, existing dull and outdated eye care solutions didn't fit our needs.

We decided to do something about it and solve this problem not only for ourselves but for everyone. Our team of experts, through months of research and development, scientifically formulated a world first in product... And just like that... ZEATAR Eye Care was formed to be at the leading edge and push the boundaries of Eye Care innovation.

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